Travel to exotic lands on Durham real estate and fall in love with lemurs. Tours at the Duke Lemur Center located at 3705 Erwin Road allow visitors to get up close and personal. With roots dating back into the 1960’s, over 75 acres are dedicated to these wily, charismatic creatures. Hailing far from Durham property, lemurs are native species only to Madagascar. Boasting the largest collection of the animals outside their homeland, the center fulfills a mission of conservation and education.

Be a Keeper Behind the Scenes on Durham Property

Tours trek folks around the grounds. Public and private options are available to scratch the surface of the facility or delve in deep. Four separate general tours offer insight into the beloved little creatures, their habits and their habitats. The Lemur Live Tour teaches all about nine key species and how to care for them. Quite affordable this tour is offered at only $12 per person. An Enrichment tour showcases the efforts made by animal keepers to keep lemurs interested and alert. A variety of toys and tools stimulate their natural curiosity. Just for younsters, Little Lemurs is designed just for little ones between the ages of 5 and 8 years old. Knowing that children are the future the lemurs will one day depend on, staff members share their specialness in a language kids can understand.

Premium tours provide the ultimate experience. Meander through the forest habitat with lemurs by your side. Walk the walk while crossing paths with the curious beasts during the Walking with Lemurs Tour. Step into a trainer’s shoes with Lemur Keeper for a Day and Behind the Scenes tours. Photography buffs can spend some time focusing on their wildlife shots. In A Photographer’s Dream shutterbugs trail a staff photographer learning the secrets of capturing the lemurs in action. Art enthusiasts are in heaven when Painting with Lemurs. Reservations are required for all Duke Lemur Center tours.

Education is paramount for the survival of lemurs in the wild. Efforts to support understanding of conservation are on going. Special events frequent the calendar on this piece of Durham real estate alongside scout and homeschool programs. Take a look at frequently asked questions here or call 919.401.7240 for additional information.